Google Reader is shutting down

March 14th 2013 / 1 minute to read

I am probably the least surprised that Google Reader is being shut down in July. It sucks though because so many services rely on it for their own products and apps.

I personally use Feedly which has already posted about how they are handling the transition from using the Google Reader API.

So if you’re looking for an alternative, again I can’t recommend Feedly enough, but here’s some other ways to follow me!

Bloglovin | Feedly | Subscribe via e-mail | Twitter | Facebook | GooglePlus | Pinterest

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i don’t use google for stuffs. i just bookmark things or like their facebook pages. i do have feedly tho! and i have a bloglovin’ account. oh and a hello cotton account too… hmmmm~

Reply to Jenny

Then you’ll be fine!

Amanda Jillian

Wait is feedburner not going to work? Crap.

Reply to Amanda Jillian

This has nothing to do with Feedburner however considering they no longer support that API, I wouldn’t be surprised if they completely remove that within the next year.


Is it lame that I’m jumping ship to Feedly simply because it’s pretty?

Reply to Jenn

LOL that’s what got me in the beginning!


I just switched to Feedly too, and man, is it beautiful indeed! Thanks for the recommendation–my Internet head has been in the sand…or the clouds…or the haze of sleep-deprivation lately. :)

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