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I am probably the least surprised that Google Reader is being shut down in July. It sucks though because so many services rely on it for their own products and apps.

I personally use Feedly which has already posted about how they are handling the transition from using the Google Reader API.

So if you’re looking for an alternative, again I can’t recommend Feedly enough, but here’s some other ways to follow me!

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posted on March 15th 2013 at 6:15AM CDT

i don’t use google for stuffs. i just bookmark things or like their facebook pages. i do have feedly tho! and i have a bloglovin’ account. oh and a hello cotton account too… hmmmm~

posted on March 16th 2013 at 8:42AM CDT

Then you’ll be fine!

Amanda Jillian
posted on March 15th 2013 at 10:03AM CDT

Wait is feedburner not going to work? Crap.

posted on March 16th 2013 at 8:43AM CDT

This has nothing to do with Feedburner however considering they no longer support that API, I wouldn’t be surprised if they completely remove that within the next year.

posted on March 18th 2013 at 1:22PM CDT

Is it lame that I’m jumping ship to Feedly simply because it’s pretty?

posted on March 19th 2013 at 5:51PM CDT

LOL that’s what got me in the beginning!

posted on April 3rd 2013 at 6:03PM CDT

I just switched to Feedly too, and man, is it beautiful indeed! Thanks for the recommendation–my Internet head has been in the sand…or the clouds…or the haze of sleep-deprivation lately. :)

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