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I somehow managed to accomplish quite a bit this weekend which is surprising considering how much Daniel and I slept. I scoured the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, did three loads of laundry, did my grocery shopping, and took Daniel sledding! Whew!

james r.
posted on February 19th 2007 at 12:40AM CST

Glad you got to get out and have some fun sledding with your son. And great photos, I especially like the birds.

posted on February 21st 2007 at 5:19PM CST

Beautiful pictures, as usual. :)

posted on February 22nd 2007 at 4:40PM CST

I need the energy to do some cleaning.. but I’ve been sick and run down lately.  It just isn’t happening. 

The pictures are awesome, as usual.  Love the first one!

posted on February 23rd 2007 at 10:04PM CST

Lovely pictures! The sky looks beautiful in the first one :).