October 6th 2006 / 2 minutes to read

I finally bought my son’s costume for Halloween, which… of course he is wearing like 24/7 now. I also got myself an excersize ball although I have no clue what to do with it or how to use it!

I was almost in tears yesterday when I came home to find a package from Lisa Marie that even included the new Weight Watchers cookbook! It was just what I needed after a hellish stressful week.

Speaking of my hellish stressful week, suddenly my son’s father contacted me twice about sending our son some clothing (he needed sizes apparently). Why after months he contacts me now and tries to act like a concerned parent worries me. Something just… isn’t right with him (and by this I mean mentally).

Work wise, I set us up with a new domain for my job to reflect some name changes so I need to work on that this week. I also have to finish a site for my friend Kristina.

I really want to plan on going to the Morton Arboretum as well as the Chicago Botanic Garden and take some photos soon with all the leaves.

I got in the mail this afternoon from my mom a lovely flower themed calender, the New Cook Book (Better Homes and Gardens Test Kitchen), and Memoirs of a Geisha! How awesome is that!

My sister and I went to Sam’s Club, got tons of chicken, shrimp, laughing cow light cheese, and fresh mozzarella cheese. I am leaning towards pasta with the cheese and shrimp for dinner.

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First and foremost, MM and secondly congrats on your progress with WW. I’m kinda curious about trying it but not sure if it’s really for me. As far as your sons father, if he wants to contribute I’d let him. I know your history is probably very involved with many bad things that have happened, but imo if he wants to help/give to his son perhaps you should allow this. Sometimes parents have to let go of there differences and look towards helping the child go further in life.

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