I’m a bit tired lately so I will just post a couple photographs from yesterday. I would love your feedback!


Ohhhh Green

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posted on June 11th 2007 at 10:20PM CDT

Wow awesome photos!! At first I didn’t know what the first photo was of, haha… The second one is just gorgeous! The colors are stunning. :)

posted on June 11th 2007 at 10:25PM CDT

I love the awesome frog. All I keep thinking when I look at it is “ribbit”.

posted on June 12th 2007 at 12:57AM CDT

Oh my … The green.. the reflection! *oggles*

posted on June 12th 2007 at 8:33AM CDT

I love the frog!  He looks like a watercolor painting.  And the second looks like it could have been taken on an adventure through a jungle.

posted on June 13th 2007 at 12:29AM CDT

@Aminah aww thank you kitten! I know… the froggy was sneaky!


@Sarah ehehehhe thank you!

@Aenka Thank you SO much!!!

posted on June 14th 2007 at 3:06PM CDT

These are amazing. The reflections on the water are so clear! I especially love the frog photo. It’s almost like he was posing for you :-)

posted on June 16th 2007 at 2:30AM CDT

@Nikki Thank you so much! I was shocked, he stayed like that for a good 3 or 4 minutes so I was really able to slow down and get a good shot.

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