Grocery store… and Nature

June 24th 2005 / 1 minute to read

So chubs and I are prancing down the isle to get our new supply of water bottles when lo and behold…



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Lani (Isis)

Oh, what a cute lil’ birdie. Hehehe…great photo. I love your pictures. You are very talented with the lens. HUGS and happy weekend!

Reply to Lani (Isis)

AHAHAHAHAHA Good thing you had a cam on you!  I alwasy forget to bring mine with me shopping.

Reply to Amy

Aww, what a cute picture :D I hope the bird was able to get out of the store alright.

Reply to Natasha

Aww, look @ the birdie. hehe.

Reply to Dorka

When I ad school assemblies, there would be birds in the hall! I think those birds were sparrows but they were there when we had exams too! lol

Reply to Sara

How precious!

Reply to Serenity

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