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I am horny, I am beyond horny, I need to get laid so bad it isn’t even funny. A guy online friend and I were sort of flirting back and forth and he offered to type a few choice phrases to torture me heh. I didn’t take him up on the offer… yet anyways.

I rarely discuss if ever, my sex or lack thereof lately, but dear gods I need to get laid! Sure people suggest masturbation which is all fine and well, but right now I need that big naked body to body screaming production that defines great sex.

Anyone have a male friend to send my way? haha

We can only hope I feel less crazed later!

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posted on April 22nd 2003 at 5:24PM CDT

I need a male friend for some of that my damn self!! But if I find one and he has a brother, you are the first person I am thinking of. :D

posted on April 22nd 2003 at 5:35PM CDT

Ahhh, you know there are just some things one needs to NOT comment on… haha haha… this is one of those things!  I do know of many men however, I don’t know of any in your area.

Angel Whispers
posted on April 22nd 2003 at 3:57PM CDT

Are you ovulating by any chance??  haha

Sorry, no one comes to mind that I could send your way.

posted on April 23rd 2003 at 12:12PM CDT

Y’know… I know plenty of just-as-horny guys, but they all live around here… If you persuaded Ali to take a road trip, I could hook you up… *grins*

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