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I know a lot of people have had problems viewing OSN and it’s subsites. Shi and I tried to figure it out. Literally the only thing we could find is the domain name! All of the info is the EXACT same as it is for hostaurora.net but people can view that NO problem but at the same time, not able to access OSN. Maybe I should get a new domain name heh. As it is, I can’t find a solution for that problem!

Edit: Perhaps I should try a different IP, or maybe switch servers. I just hate to re-propogate ahhaha. So anyone that DOES have problems, please tracert osn, and then see if you can view hostaurora.net so I can try to figure this all out, because it is darn fustrating!!

posted on April 2nd 2003 at 6:29AM CST

NOOOOOOO!  I love this domain name!

posted on April 2nd 2003 at 10:02AM CST

A third one? Hoo boy…

Have you tried a different IP or anything? Move it around a bit first and see if that works hahah.

posted on April 2nd 2003 at 10:43AM CST

No more OSN? I love this domain! If there’s anything I can do to help, let me know… not that I know much. But I’m willing to try for OSN!

posted on April 2nd 2003 at 11:47AM CST

Are your domains registered at the same place?

posted on April 2nd 2003 at 10:42PM CST

And when I try hostaurora.net it just comes up with a line saying that it’s merged with hostradius – is that what we’re supposed to see?

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