Ok, first off my boss has not been here all week, without telling me she will not come into work. Which is fine, they were doing the water at their house, whatever. Except I have psycho customers thinking I am lying when I tell them for the past week that “Sorry *boss* isn’t in today, would you like to leave a message?” and fax over huge letters “Sarah CLAIMS you aren’t in the office” uhhh whatever.

Now it is very slow lately, no sewer calls, few plumbing calls. So most everyone goes home. So when it hits 2:45pm don’t get me on the radio wondering why no one is here. You sent them home on Monday and most of them have been doing half days all week due to the weather and no calls. (It’s snowing like mad crazy today)

Don’t make me panick about a permit and wonder why I sent the one good plumber to a far away town. I asked him if we serviced the area, he said he was 10 minutes away and would take the call. Do not get pissy with me.

I get so fustrated sometimes! Half the time I never know what to do, the other half I am covering for everyone or dealing with their racism and bullshit! Yes I do like my job, but maybe I would like it a bit better if people were not so lazy!