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i’m here to keep an eye on osn while sarah is away   . and i feel like singing that song “i’ve got the power” that was in that jim carrey movie bruce almighty. i hope i can keep sarah’s audience of kittens entertained while she’s away. i’ll definately keep you posted on what she lets me share. the last time i talked to her she was waiting for matt. and daniel was laughing and repeating “da da”. she’s supposed to call me tonight from the hotel room and let me know they got there. anyway, i hope everyone is warm! and i’ll be back with juicy details soon .

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posted on December 11th 2003 at 7:50PM CST

Ah, Bruce Almighty is a good movie. Lol have fun with the “power” cos you got the powerr whoaaaa haha I’ll stop now :P

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posted on December 12th 2003 at 5:43AM CST

lol I love that song! grr now you have me wanting to sing it! lol