Happy 16th Birthday Daniel!

January 9th 2018 / 1 minute to read

I can’t believe it! Daniel is now SIXTEEN!

He is one of the lights of my life, my firstborn, who gave my life meaning, all the sappy things you could think of. I am blessed to have him as my son and as a friend! He is an amazing person!

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It has been ages since I’ve come across your pages mostly because I’ve backed away from the internet for all but family and necessary things. I was struck by the fact that Danny is 16. He was a wee tot when we first connected and you helped me with blog design. So much has happened since then, I’m certain, for us all. I hope this finds you thriving in your life. Happy belated birthday to your young man. Blessings to you!

Reply to Barb

Thank you so much! Time goes by so quickly, too quickly for my liking. It seems like yesterday when he was just learning to walk!

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