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Happy Birthday Sarah ! i hope you’re having fun on vacation. i hope you got there safely. i just wanted to remind you of what i said to you the other day. you’ve come a long way baby. 2 years ago you were in a completely different place in your life. going to bed late meant you had stayed up for almost 2 days straight. a year ago you were worrying about money. i don’t know if that has changed much but, now you’re working. and you’re raising your son. being a mother is a lot of work. and working is a lot of work. and being a mother who works is alot of work. so, i hope you enjoy your vacation. you you deserve it. and i hope you take lots of pictures. and i hope you get home safely. and most of all i hope you have a very Happy Birthday .

posted on October 17th 2003 at 10:39PM CDT

Yeah happy birthday!
I can’t imagine being a mother at all, I wouldn’t know what to DO with the baby! I mean I’d be all frightened to do anything incase it wouldn’t be good or something.  Or once you have a baby, is it just instinct that comes to you??

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