Happy Birthday!!

January 9th 2005 / 1 minute to read

Today is my son’s third birthday!!

So far I have been up early and made him a huge breakfast. Scrambled eggs with cheese, bell pepper, onion, and cubed potatoes, a piece of whole wheat toast with strawberry preserves, some actual strawberries, and juice.

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Three is such a great age!

Reply to jenn

Again, a very Happy Birthday to you Daniel and a very Happy Day to your Mom too.

Reply to Barb

Happy Birthday to your Son! I’m impressed with his diet! I wish I could get my kiddo to eat a meal like that. :) Have a great day!

Reply to Liz
pippi kneesocks

happy birth day to you both!

welcome to 3! (much better than 2, i swear!)


Reply to pippi kneesocks

WOW!  Three already!  Time sure does fly!  Happy Birthday Little One!

Reply to Lisa

Happy birthday to little one.

Reply to Lani

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Reply to mary

Happy Birthday Little One!!! And to you too Sarah!
MMM that breakfast sounds nummy! I wish my mom made things like that for me on my birthday..I am lucky if she remembers to say “Happy Birthday” lol No, I am not bitter. *grins*
Anywho I hope you two had a great day…aside from the broken finger that is.

Reply to Sharon

Happy *late* Birthday, Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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