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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! I hope 2005 is better than ever!

Mary wanted me to write down at least three new year’s resolutions so here we go! Oh you can add yours in the comments!
1. Get Healthy! I need to drink more water, consume less commercially prepared foods, and moderate proportions
2. Get Back in Touch with my Spiritual Self! I need to focus a time every day to meditate and give thanks to the Goddess
3. Realise I am NOT a Bad Person! I need to let people compliment me instead of down playing it, I need to let myself feel proud with a customer talked to me for over 30 minutes today saying what a fantastic personality I have lol, I need to not take to heart all the verbal abuse and emotional abuse that is in my life. That it’s ok for me to be alone.
4. Make my bedroom my peaceful relaxing area, even though the computer and tv have to be in here, I need to make it calming.

So? C’mon! What are at least three resolutions!

posted on January 1st 2005 at 7:20AM CST

Hey! I think 2 of my resioulutions would definetly be the first 2 you said lol and i am struggling people who say no more chocolate are either mad! or joking hehe! awesome site by the way also happy new year!

posted on January 1st 2005 at 8:57PM CST

New Year’s resolutions? Hmm….
1. Get a job to save money.
2. Talk to my sister and momma more often.
3. Pick up more hobbies so that I won’t be bored as much.
4. Not let Satan interfere with my life anymore.

posted on January 1st 2005 at 9:08PM CST

I only make one resolution, usually not to make any resolutions. However this year I’ve pretty much decided that your number two would be my number 1.  Happy New Year!

posted on January 1st 2005 at 10:57PM CST

I just got here through Blog Explosin and wanted to say how much I like your site design. As to resolutions, I have a few: 1. stop using my credit card unless it’s an emergency, 2. go back to college and finish my degree, 3. run the Chicago Marathon in October

posted on January 2nd 2005 at 12:50AM CST

Hey your site is incredible. Happy New Year!

posted on January 2nd 2005 at 5:56AM CST

Happy new year!
My new year’s resoultions are 1)Stop biting my nails, 2) Improve my hadwrighting and Spelling

posted on January 5th 2005 at 6:13PM CST

Happy New Year. :)

posted on January 5th 2005 at 6:15PM CST

Oooops, forgot to sign in….*snark*

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