Gee what a happy start to my new year.

I tried calling Ali because well just lonely, and still depressed because I never did get any presents or cards or well ANYTHING for xmas. So Ali isn’t there but Helen picks up!! She asks how I am, I mention I feel huge, like a whale. “Why do you feel like that?” and I told her well I have two weeks to go. “Until what?” Until my due date….by now I am getting a VERY odd feeling that she doesn’t know I am even pregnant. “You’re pregnant?!” Umm very much so actually. Well turns out my brother told her MONTHS ago I was. Well duh why not? So she asked my father , who LIED and told her I was NOT pregnant every single time she asked. WHAT RIGHT does he have to lie about ME and to be ashamed of MY child?? I am SO upset. I mean I have enough on my head at the moment about the babys position and NOW I have to think how my family is lieing about my pregnancy? I am not 13 years old for crying out loud. I don’t know what to do about this. My trust level with him has gone down a heck of a lot.

Well that is about it for my first day of the new year…tomorrow is my OB appointment FINALLY after 2 and a half week of NO Ob. I lost even MORE nice mucus today. Perhaps tomorrow my internal will show more progress? Perhaps another ultrasound? Showing a nice HEAD DOWN baby? (one can only hope)

Well that is it for now I suppose. I can’t seem to stay awake much the past couple days. I guess I will babble more later!

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