Happy Sob

June 5th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I just got the most perkiest, happiest, sweetest, nicest… anything that ends in “est” email from Amber!!


Where do I start?  You have such a beautiful spirit and it shows on your
beautiful face!  You are so so smart!  Your knowledge just blows me away
sometimes.  You are wise beyond your years, and I love the fact I can come
to you with a problem and you have the solution.  I love your strong
maternal instinct.  You have a loving, nurturing aura which is so
refreshing.  I love how you faced a huge problem with grace and strength,
even though you believed you weren’t strong.  You really really were.  I
love the fact we are friends after all the stuff we’ve gone through over the
years.  I love our haircolor sessions!  I love you for being there for me.
I truly do appreciate it.

Love you always!

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