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How has everyone’s day gone so far? Everything is cooking right now, I made garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potato, acorn squash, then there is turkey, stuffing, rolls, etc.

Matt has called me twice today lol I am super proud of him though today, he made for the first time, the entire thanksgiving dinner, even pumpkin pie! Go him!

I am in fear of working tomorrow, it being one of the largest shopping days of the year lol, plus my district manager is supposed to stop by. I bought stuff to make blueberry and banana muffins for my co-workers tomorrow since everyone has to bring in something.

Ok, back to the kitchen to see what else I can try to make!

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posted on November 27th 2003 at 4:49PM CST

Happy Thanksgiving!

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posted on November 27th 2003 at 6:31PM CST

Sounds like you couldn’t resist the temptation of Thanksgiving dinner. I’m glad you made some for yourself, it sounds so yummy and now you’ll have leftovers too.  I can’t wait to make a yummy turkey pot pie with some of them.
Happy Thanksgiving wizardress and enjoy those fantastic eats.  Go Matt!