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I am having a very hard time in my life right now. Due to Matt. Some of you know the details, I posted about it in my LiveJournal (imagine_autumn) and my Blurty (effulgence), friends only, but if you add me, I most likely will add you.

Anyways, so I am just having a hard time focusing on anything internet related, although I am still coming online to “escape” my reality.

I am starting to think maybe I should put the donate option back up, because as it is starting to look like, I am going to have no means of any income for a long while.

I am really starting to hate life, thankfully I have my son, because without him,  I would be in a very bad emotional state right now.

posted on February 23rd 2003 at 8:03AM CST


I’m so sorry you have to go through all this. No one should have to. Sounds like Matt’s struggling with his necessary responsibility, hopefully he will come around sooner rather than later. Either way I just feel the need to say, out of complete concern for you and Chubs this… While asking for donations may be viable, realistically it will not generate enough for you to care for the two of you.  I think you know this and I hope and pray as you seek out another means of doing so it comes to you quickly. You both deserve to not only survive but thrive!  Blessings!

posted on February 23rd 2003 at 11:04AM CST

I have a blurty….supermommie…I’ll add ya to mine if you add me to yours :)

posted on February 26th 2003 at 1:23AM CST

hey, we dont know eachother but im here if you ever need somebody to talk to!!  im sure you’ll get through this!

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