I hate that my asshole cheating no good ex called me out of no where to be all fake like he actually gives a damn about our son.

I hate that I work at a job where it’s “acceptable” for the owners to cuss, scream, and verbally abuse everyone. Where everyone lies and steals and does drugs. That I can’t even stand up for myself without utter fear of being fired, just like everyone else gets fired if they speak their minds.

I hate that my sister is so uncomfortable with my weight that unless I keep my mouth shut and does whatever she says, I am a worthless bitch. That I will never find a better job because I am so fucking fat.

I hate that I give so much of myself to everyone around me and rarely get anything in return except for being ignored.

I hate that I taught myself so much reguarding online crap for no fucking reason.

I am so completely pathetic apparently. I am stupid. I am worthless. I have no reason for being other than to piss people off and make their existance hard and miserable.

Why even fucking try.

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