I have a headache and once again I don’t want to go to bed and I only got up at 1am! Whats wrong with meeeee plus I don’t know WHY I can’t get the comments at LEAST to work when I have everything set up perfectly driving me nuts! Oh yeah the kicker for palace life today…some hoochie *won’t name names today* seems to have something against me because *gasp* I am in a “rival” clan and I have a leader position in it….I mean geez can’t people act their age? Not to mention a co-leader person was egging this evil bitch on…I swear if people want me out of palace space just TELL me and I will go! I won’t keep in contact I will vanish! I can’t help it that I am freakin smart and I know how to get things DONE don’t put your failures as a person onto me because I can’t handle everyones crap in the world anyways if you want to say something you can email …..i swear one of these days I will freakin snap! Well tomorrow I go on my week long vacation…I hope it goes well…I hope i don’t keep feelin so crappy….oh yeah I found my old website ahahhahaa Princess Sprites Land what can I say it was a major effort…when I used to actually hand code my HTML…..I just happen to like wysiwyg programs now….oh cracked me up Crys gave sscom an award for being the best elven site i laughed for about 30 min over that..wonder what people will think of that well I guess I will see if theres anything interesting to do…

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