March 30th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

-Start Rant-I have such a horrible headache right now. I can’t sleep because it is driving me insane. Why do I have a headache you ask? Good question. Because the jerk above us who just moved in will NOT turn off or even turn DOWN his stereo. Not to mention his stomping all over and having people over all hours of the night. Matt is going to call the landlord on Monday about this. He called and complained to the answering service last night. Daniel can’t get any decent sleep because as soon as he falls asleep a bang or yelling wakes him right up. I feel bad for my butterball. Supposedly we can start moving into the second floor apartment *same floor as evil loud guy* on the first of April, but we still have things to DO! Like paint for one thing. I am so ready to go up there and bitch smack the guy. Yesterday Matt had gone up there and was like “We have a two month old and live right beneath you so can you please have your stereo at a normal level” and the guy was like sure whatever. Obviously people my age are complete idiots. I mean hello I am TWENTY YEARS OLD and I do not act like that! I have respect for the tenets of this building. I can not say that for everyone else who lives here though. I just wish we could move out of here into a different city, I wish we could move out of Ohio but no way will that happen anytime soon. Ugh. I am having a mental breakdown because of this crap. It is making me irritable towards Matt which I dislike, and it is causing me stress, the only perky sunshine is my little butterball.
-End Rant-

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