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I am once again with a headache. Like I have been every single day almost for the past month, it has me a bit concerned because it’s keeping me in bed until very late in the day. I am tired all of the time. This sucks. Matt has been over all very nice about this, taking Daniel outside to play, feed the geese, etc.

Pain sucks!

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posted on June 4th 2004 at 5:37PM CDT

That’s no good. :( Hope you feel better.

Geese? There’s geese?! How cool!!!! That’s my saying of the day, I think.

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posted on June 4th 2004 at 10:05PM CDT

Headaches suck, I hate em! It’s worse when the sun is out and I’d rather be outside!  Get better soon, eh.  Your Mommy?  HI Mommy!