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I got my walking away the pounds set today, so I went to the rental office to pick up the package, see last time I went, this guy… attractive… maybe later 20’s/30-31 yrs old, was ALL perky towards me. So he was there again, “Hi! How’s the baby?” so we were talking while this other guy was getting my package, and I am not kidding, the dude was like FLIRTING with me! I mean ALL smiles, the up down look, etc. I mean yeah I am all prettyfull today… but it was so… I mean I never notice when stuff like that happens, probably because I was not interested in other guys because I was with Matt for so long. I just.. huh.. well that was just interesting to me heh.

The below entry, is going to be one huge “letter” to Matt. It’s restricted because I don’t know if I want anyone to read it, if I want him to read it. I just need to get stuff out of my head.

posted on June 4th 2003 at 5:09PM CDT

It feels wonderful to be noticed even if you’re not ready to shop around :o)! Enjoy the attention!

posted on June 4th 2003 at 4:07PM CDT

Hi :) Just wanted to say I like the new layout. It has a wintery feel to it.

Take care :D

posted on June 4th 2003 at 8:34PM CDT

It is nice to be noticed.  You should take it as a compliment.  It’s nice to know that guys are attracted to you.  Just think what you could do if you were trying to flirt.  ;)

Don’t forget to share how the Walk Away the Pounds set works.

posted on June 4th 2003 at 8:13PM CDT

Love the new layout. It is nice to feel noticed isn’t it? Makes you all warm inside even if you aren’t ready to go on.

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