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Ah yes, yet another mainly photo entry. I haven’t been doing much this week that would be interesting although this upcoming Saturday we will be going to the Bristol Ren Faire which should be tons of fun!

I am so overwhelmed lately. I can’t seem to get a grasp on anything lately. I’ve slacked off tremendously when it comes to personal friendships, I’ve started secluding myself and today while talking to my Jess, I started to finally figure out why. I still look for validation from other people, I always sort of felt if I was friends with a person from group 1, I couldn’t be friends with a person from group 2 simply because the two groups didn’t like each other. Making sense yet? Uhhh…. anyway…. I feel like I’m at the point where I am not going to limit my friendships due to the past (although there are some people I simply do not like and will not associate myself with them, that won’t change), and I am not going to limit myself based on other people’s preconceived notions on who I should talk to. It’s so insane that I am only NOW realizing this at 25 years of age!

posted on July 24th 2007 at 2:15PM CDT

I’m always taking photographs of my hair against the sunlight.  I LOVE the way it looks.. and the red is really emphasized.  But I never post them.  I should!

posted on July 24th 2007 at 2:15PM CDT

Also:  your curls photos remind me of Tori Amos and I don’t know why.  Maybe she had a similar photoshoot or video??  I will have to look into that. haha

posted on July 27th 2007 at 10:14AM CDT

i’m in group ..what? 4?  and you won’t associate with me???
whatever sarah……………..!

oh…the photos the photos of the curls look like a pollock

posted on July 28th 2007 at 4:05AM CDT

Love your pictures hun, really like the hair blowing in the wind ones :)

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