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I am so pleased that my new design is well recieved! Yeah… I be fancy.

Blessed Beltane today! I took Daniel to the forest preseve and we had a little walk (I had brought his bike with us).

I think I post too many photos.

I promise I will eventually have a more wordy entry, I suppose that so much is going on that I can’t focus on one single thing to write about. Stress ugh.

posted on May 3rd 2006 at 7:04AM CDT

Your pictures are beautiful! I love them!

posted on May 4th 2006 at 4:56PM CDT

As usual, beautiful photographs.

I love this new layout. :D

posted on May 4th 2006 at 5:14PM CDT

Nice photos…how did you get them to open like that when you click on them?

posted on May 6th 2006 at 9:23AM CDT

I know what you mean, sometimes I’m so busy and stressed I can’t really focus on blogging. The pictures are truly lovely! I also love the way they ‘pop-up’ :D Goodluck at work, I hope next time it isn’t that stressful and you don’t have slackers around you!

posted on May 6th 2006 at 10:02AM CDT

wow those photos are amazing.  They had me drooling.  Cool script as well.  If all your posts have photos like that, then screw words.  hope work gets better.

posted on May 6th 2006 at 4:57PM CDT

I adore the new layout and of course, all your pictures.  I don’t mind them much.  ;)

posted on May 10th 2006 at 4:04PM CDT

Once again, you take beautiful photos. I don’t think you post too many, for this reason. I could see, if they were unfabulous photos like I take! But your’s are enjoyable to look at!