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Just lovely, I somehow came into contact or ate something that apparently I am now allergic to as I am now experiancing the joy that are hives. I have no idea what caused it since I haven’t eaten anything new. I have been experiancing odd things like very itchy eardrum feelings and such lately but again, haven’t been eating anything odd or new.

Grrr must resist the urge to scratch.

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posted on February 13th 2005 at 12:41AM CST

Argh, I know the feelin’! I have eczema so depending on what I’ve eaten or came in close contact with or if I’ve been attacked by those awful dust bunnies, I would occasionally break out in hives. They are such a pain to deal with and I can’t resist the urge to scratch. :/ What I normally do is apply a cool, wet cloth on the breakout that should help reduce the itch. I hope this helps you…! :(

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posted on February 16th 2005 at 11:36AM CST

Hives are not only caused by new things, you are probibly allergic to something you come in contact with or eat a lot. I ate tomatos for 14 years before I had a severe allergic reaction that landed me in the hospital. If I were you I would see an allergist.
Allergic reactions get worse the longer you are in contact with whatever you are allergic to.