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hi everyone this is mary. i’m on the phone with sarah at this moment. yesterday she became very sick and her twin sister took her to the emergency room. sarah has been admitted into the hospital. the problem is her gallbladder. i will be posting more information as i get it. if you want to contact me my e-mail address is MareKat24@aol.com. she’s in pain now and on morphine. her biggest worries are that of her son. her sister and her sisters boyfriend are there with her now. i need to go for now but, e-mail me if you need to. thanks guys.

posted on April 28th 2005 at 1:43PM CDT

oh my…get well soon darling. -huggs-

posted on April 28th 2005 at 3:04PM CDT

Please let her know she’s in my prayers…