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STILL waiting on my other hostees to email me back. What should I do if they don’t? I hate being in limbo like this and worrying on what I should do for so long.

Not much has gone on today. Mostly slept. I need to make a new layout since well xmas is almost here. Have to wonder if it would be as good as my current holiday layout seems to be.

I am still worried on what we should bring to the hospital. What is good to bring for the baby to wear? I mean since it is winter.

I don’t know what to say really. I’m still upset over my hostee situation. I also keep getting requests from people who obviously did not see the part in the requirements about participation. Also, I am sorry but if the only reason someone wants a host is because their “friends” think they should, because their current one doesn’t offer all they want, because they like my domain name, then I am not going to host them.

*sigh* well I suppose I shall find something to do for a bit then go back to bed. Hopefully tomorrow will bring perky emails, replies from my hostee or a solution for that situation. So I shall babble on later.