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Ugh I feel like I have to clear things up about my hostee situation. After 4 emails spaced out over a week, with no reply not to mention my IM’s being ignored for the most part. Finally I get a response from my hostees….yep they responded after I finally moved them out! Maybe I should learn a lesson from Jennifer and perhaps for the majority, I should not host anyone under 16/17 yrs of age. Obviously the 12, 13, 14 year olds out there can’t really identify with a 20 year old very pregnant female.

Now to other things. It is COLD! Yet no snow! We are going to do laundry in an hour and a half or so, wash all the baby stuff we had bought since only have of they baby clothes are washed. I got a bit more sleep today heh, actually woke UP because I was feeling SO crampy, and when I went to bed until like 8am I was SO crampy and nauseated, drove me insane. I feel much better now though. Matt is going to make some Kraft mac n cheese, nummy, and then we are going to watch Birth Day, then…laundry heh. Well enough babble for now!