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August 15th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I am looking for hostees. Please apply!


EHHEHE Mary was the 1000th commentor!

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i told sara you were looking for more hostees. i hope she applies!

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i’d love to be hosted at a domain name like this… its so beautiful! but i have a domain myself! lol.

Reply to Sue

my friend needs a host.. I’ll try ask her later :)

Reply to Anna

Pretty layout!
Hope you find talented hostees!
Keep up the great work :)

Reply to Vckee

what a sweet layout, it really goes with your domain name ;) I hope you can find many hostees that are as talented as you XD

Reply to Jie

wow, 1000 comments! and i am also looking for new hostess, i recently changed servers and i need some new ones, but i dont really like the people who apply for hosting… lol


I love the new layout, it’s so beautiful. Good luck with finding new hostees :)

Reply to Sarah

Good luck on finding new hostees. I don’t need to be hosted, or I would definitely want to be hosted here!

I just declined a hostee. lol. Nice layout. Take care.


Wow, this is a pretty layout. It’s very unique!! Hope you have good luck finding some nice hostees!

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