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September 21st 2009 / 1 minute to read






Just not feeling very well lately, super exhausted, most likely my body preparing for labor soon enough! I would appreciate feedback on the photos!

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Nice! I especially like the first cat photo and the pancakes (which look yummy!!!).
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The last photo reminds me so much of True Blood. =) And the second pic of Rokky is really fabulous. I love how his eyes mirror the blanket colors.

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Those pancakes look YUMMY!
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@Erin, lol I am already excited for the next season of TB!

@Lynda, thank you! I’m surprised, there was not a single pancake left over and I made a TON!

Having pancakes and strawberries together sound delicious! I just bought some berries last night, and I’m definitely craving them now. *Runs to kitchen*
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It was really tasty, was my son’s idea too!


that is one beautiful cat :)
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