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How much longer is Mercury supposed to be in retrograde?

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posted on May 6th 2003 at 6:43AM CDT

Hehe, it reminds me of the line when Harry, Hagrid and Draco run into Firenze (a centaur) in the Forbidden Forest and they keep on asking him abuot the unicorns but he just keeps on repeating, “Mars is bright to tonight.”

posted on May 7th 2003 at 10:43AM CDT

Mercury will go out of retrograde on May 20 at 2:32 AM.  Yuck!  We have a long way to go yet.  I can’t wait until it’s over myself.

posted on May 9th 2003 at 3:46AM CDT

Osh, I would have answered but got beat to it ;)

And tonights E.R. was awesome!