Well finally woke up ummm 11pm or so. I am pretty blah….my fathers skank whore ughh I seriously would not mind pimp smacking her. Anyways that thing about ROE calming down? No lies like usual I mean when i have people who are 38 who act 3 years old what makes me think a group of 14 year olds with no time on thier hands will act? I am really happy that people are signing up for the SpunkySprite.com forums!!! That makes me happy! Ive made a ton of blinky things in and out of palace!

i hope people think im good at it hahahahahahahaa *sigh guestbook sign guestbook* my new mantra! if anyone *reads* my blog see the karma and comments thing? USE IT! i wanna know what u think of my messed over life! *and my blinky things* also I am pondering if I should add a LJS forum hmmm not sure…also I think I am liking my sprite@spunkysprite.com email more than ever! Its just fun! well off to make more images to customize the world!

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