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I so want to go to this but I have no way of getting there as I don’t think my sister would take me. (it would be cool if she did though! i think i would have a blast with her there!)

posted on August 23rd 2003 at 8:21AM CDT

ooh!  thanks for the link.  looks like there is one near me in the fall as well.

posted on August 23rd 2003 at 11:00AM CDT

I attended this last year in Milwaukee. It was alot of fun… Go if you are able!

posted on August 23rd 2003 at 11:54AM CDT

Awww that looks like so much fun! Bummer that you probably wont go :/ If I was near, Id take you myself, heh. Looks like a blast. Too bad Im Catholic :/ Id still go anyway!

posted on August 23rd 2003 at 3:01PM CDT

I personally think you should start talking to those other pagan groups in your area that I showed you.  Maybe one of them is going and would be willing to give you a ride :)

We do stuff like that all the time in our grove.