April 23rd 2002 / 1 minute to read

Last night while talking to Morgan, I mentioned that my cable was going slow. So we called RoadRunner. After talking to like three people, Matt gave me the phone. Then I heard the voice that would drive me nuts for 30 minutes. He told me to type pointless stuff. “Pull out the plug as if you were unplugging a toaster… C as in CAT A as in APPLE B as in BEAR” Not to mention stuff he told me to do was WRONG, yet if I did it MY way, I would get to the screen he wanted me to see! Anyways, long story LONGGGG story, made short, after him having my half convinced it was MY computer having the problems, with the darn cable light out. I call back and check to see if there is an outage, the pleasant voice message said, “Currently RoadRunner is doing serverwide matenince. Sorry for this inconvience” It’s like HELLO!!!! I swear, people these days.

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