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I really think my body is angry with me for some odd reason. I’ve had a cold for going on three weeks now and it’s going into overdrive lately. I can hardly talk and my voice is hard to hear with a nice gritty tone that makes it super painful to vocalize for the most part. My next OB appointment is on Monday, with everything going on I can’t help but worry that there’s going to be a new problem with this pregnancy. It just isn’t smooth sailing in the slightest bit.

Ah there’s so much I want to say, I just either don’t know how to express myself or I worry too much about what other people think considering my entire family, people from work, old friends, etc visit here and I would feel either condemned or suited to gossip.



james r.
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posted on March 29th 2009 at 12:14PM CDT

Be true to yourself, Sarah. No one has the right to demand anything else of you.

Sending positive thoughts for the health of you and your baby…

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posted on March 30th 2009 at 3:11PM CDT

Oh my. Best of luck with your pregnancy. It’s one of the scariest and most exciting times. Such an emotional clusterfuck. I hope that you are able to find some help and support that you need in such a time.

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posted on April 7th 2009 at 7:01PM CDT

If people actually think they have the right to gossip about you, just because you want to let something out, on YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE, they are honestly not worth your time. I am sure your true friends and close family, will not say anything bad about or to you. You should feel free to express yourself here. Maybe you could find a way to keep your blogs personal, and only open to a few people?

Good luck with your pregnancy =]