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April 11th 2004 / 1 minute to read

If you by chance have instant messaged me lately and I haven’t responded, most likely it’s because I fell asleep and left trillian on. I’m sorry. I’ve just been really tired lately.

Also check out some Items I am selling on Ebay

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Who’s th e two women at the side? =)

Reply to sK

Hehe..I do that all the time. x)  There have even been a few times where I haven’t answered because I was asleep on the desk, right infront of the computer. happens to the best of us. (I just have to keep telling myself that.)

Reply to Megan

luv ur site! How do u get a blog on ur site? :S

Reply to Sia

Ooh I’m liking the layout. Tis very unique!

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