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Well I did a bit of fixin up on the main page added new review by the oh so wonderful Crys OH OH Ali now has a blog thanks to MOI!!! ehehehhehe OH I also set Claire up with her own blog i am changing the world one site at a time! well last night was a bitch fest 2001 cause i had this superb idea for elven. nikki, crys, talon, and me duh liked it! then came to it actually GASP might happening! well talon flipped out as i naturally knew he would, nikki had a bit of guts in the beginning but i am starting to see what people mean by that shes talons plaything. its sad very sad …… anyways ive been SO tired all day no clue why! I set up a search website thingy for Claire so I hope she likes it! well BLAH i shouldn’t be this tired.

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