You know what? I am so damn tired of hiding how I feel about everything.

Guess what?
I think formula is disgusting and isn’t fit for human beings.
I feel most people would rather beat their children than respect them.
I think so many people create crappy websites but show a picture of themselves with their breasts hanging out to get 12 year old minions and messed up older men to visit.
I think 60% of people don’t seem to understand *work related* that we are providing a service, we have every right to charge high or low for that service, since OBVIOUSLY you have no fucking clue how to DO it hence you calling the company.
I think those domain owners who have to cuss their visitors out for the dumbest reasons are pathetic.
I think those same owners don’t know how to code or design worth shit.
I think that people who play the martyr have some sort of self esteem complex.
I think people who are lazy… I mean REALLY lazy that they can’t even bathe once a week or bitch constantly on how their life is so damn hard… but… only because everyone AROUND them makes it hard, are sad little people that no one will remember within 10 minutes of meeting them.
If you’re racist, you disgust me.
If you think that discussing your mediocre sex life on your site makes you special or popular… you’re wrong, it just shows that you apparently do not know when things are sacred or how to be polite and respectful. I’m talking about those who before they ended up dumped/marrying/getting knocked up, would one day say “ohhhh he beats me I am gone!” and then saying “he penetrated me with his massive chapstick sized MANHOOD”
I think those people that don’t have children have NO fucking right to bitch and make uneducated opinions on other people’s parenting. Yes… your kids WILL do whatever action you’re bitching about eventually.
On the flip side, those parents who are so fucking lazy they can’t teach their children how to be polite, have manners… are just as bad, both groups are guilty of stereotyping/causing the stereotypes.
If you call a kid “bad” they will grow up believing that and do their fucking best to fulfill your messed up views and expectations, I am one huge fucking prime example of that.
Because of my son’s father fucking around and betraying me time and time again, I am so scared to trust anyone, great way of making sure any future relationships get off to a dramatic start.
Stop using “nazi” to describe people who feel strongly about a subject. Nazi’s are those really not good people that killed a ton of other people. *blinks* hands you a history book… see? Naughty people.

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