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Before I wasn’t around it was due to my not having electricity, now I’ve come down with an evil cold, evil migraine, and feel so utterly shitty I can’t seem to do much at all. I did attempt to go to a nature center today as you can see by the two photos, but I feel so physically crappy right now that I’m not sure the trip was worth it. I am full of self pity right about now. I can’t stand being sick.

Oh also, if you play WoW (World of Warcraft) what addon’s do you use?



posted on September 3rd 2007 at 8:50PM CDT

I hope you feel better soon! I hate getting sick.. Nothing quite feels right when you are.

As for WoW addons… I absolutely LOVE titanpanel. That’s all I need, really.

Curious: what server do you play on?

posted on September 4th 2007 at 1:05AM CDT

Aww, poor Sarah! I get the same way when I’m sick. I get needy, clingy, and start whining like a baby to whoever is near, whether they’ve signed on for my regressing back into a 2 year old or not, so don’t feel bad. :D Speaking of games, well WoW, but I’m not speaking about WoW—I’m currently sitting here, watching The Sims 2 download, hoping it won’t stop at 94% again and LOL at me, mocking me… It’s at 91% now, wish me luck because I’ve been jonesing for some Sims 2 for a week now!

Oh yeah, hope you get better! I suck at consoling…

posted on September 4th 2007 at 11:42AM CDT

You NEED to install Cartographer.

That’s pretty much the only add-on I use.  I love it, can’t play without it now.  :)


posted on September 9th 2007 at 1:20PM CDT

i can’t stand being sick either! whine away :) you deserve to. the pictures are beautiful, by the way. i like the first one best.

posted on September 11th 2007 at 8:45PM CDT

I really like your first picture :) It looks as if it’s something out of a movie!

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