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Oh my god? Do you mean to say that the people where you used to live, would say things like “I hope your baby dies” and “get out now”.
Whoa that’s just mean. I guess you live in one of those towns that think having a baby before marriage is sin eh?
Well good luck with your new house and new life. I hope you and Matt live very happily with the baby.
By the way have you decided on the baby’s name yet?
Posted by Kait @ 10/07/2001 08:40 PM EST

Yes they said and DID all that and worse, it wasn’t the town and it wasn’t the fact I was pregnant, they just got WORSE when I was pregnant but things like that telling me BEFORE I got pregnant how they hoped I would die etc…..they literally have something wrong with them mentally because their house is flithy I mean one of those places that usually get condemmed, ehhh but its over now since I moved thankfully, our son’s name will be Daniel Matthew. Thanks for commenting :)