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March 31st 2001 / 2 minutes to read

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I’m actually undercover as your friends do quite a lot it seems, and I have first hand knowledge of what is going on. You have but to figure out who it is. You cannot say I have 2nd or 3rd knowledge of what is going on, because, you don’t know who it is yet.
Posted by Dove @ 03/31/2001 01:57 AM EST

Unless you are moi or “boom” you don’t have “first” experiance. Also, I do know who you are as you aren’t as careful as you might think. 3rd. You don’t have the guts to talk to me without these pretenses? Pathetic I would prefer if you can’t be adult about this to not leave messages on my and my twin sisters website. If this will be a problem, that you can’t resist commenting and harrasing me then I suggest you get some help.

Onto normal things….
In Illinois today some dude in a Coca-Cola trunk threatened to shoot himself on the dan somthing tollroad.They had like the whole thing s.w.a.t. teams everything and they finally got him out. now i have to wonder will they still sell those coke products? and why would someone choose THAT MOMENT to try something like that? and right now im drinking coke too…on a lighter note… frisky!! and what to do? i shall customize SOMETHING!

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