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I recently got a comment …
I think if you want to resolve your differences between Elven and ROE, you BOTH need to stop dissing members of BOTH of the clans, especially BOom, who is the ONLY 38 year old you could possibly be referring to. She is like a ‘net mother’ so to speak, and I cannot understand how anyone without just cause could say such stuff about her. Dove

now, she is 38!!!!! years old and doing this stuff? Saying these rude things telling the young kids out there that its ALRIGHT to say and do rude things? She needs to act her age. I have yet to put her or anyone down and I feel that I’ve had every RIGHT to if I chose to do so. I do not lead Elven. I do not have this “power” I do not see Elvens participating in this. We unlike most clans have a deep respect for the human spirit. We will never intentionally hurt someone, put them down, or be mean.
All I will say about that.
Matts making me some hotdogs and Im eating salsa OLE! Its COLD and I left the window open NOT SMART when I have a sinus infection hahahahahaha I hope I don’t get the Flu for the THIRD time!! Its like april practically and its STILL snowing! I hear back in tucson its 70’s-90’s so I’m like why does Ohio have this 20 degree weather! I’m gonna eat the nummyness *FRISKY* HAHAHA I love that word So much, and see what I can do/update/ponder/talk to!