Introducing: Murder Baby Joy

April 6th 2023 / 2 minutes to read

To preface this, anyone who knows me knows I have a very dark and twisted sense of humor.

When my mother passed away recently, I was given the bulk of her possessions. I finally went through all the boxes, and one day, as I was going through some of my old baby clothes, I lifted a tiny dress out of the box, and underneath that dress was this.

After the WTF IS THIS?! reaction, I threw the doll out.

Hours later, around 9:30 pm, I had this visceral NEED to have the doll back so much that I had my two sons go out to the trash can and find her.

She brings me endless amounts of joy… so I named her Joy. As in, “This is my dead mother’s murder baby, Joy.”

I delight my twin sister and best friend with endless photos and videos of Murder Baby Joy, or MBJ for short.

Now, is it possible she’s controlling me, and that’s why I find her so adorable? Most likely. Will she, one day, rule the world? I believe so. Is there a specific reason I have her in a pot? Yes, she can be upright, watch over me in the darkness, and command my dreams.

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Girl, I’m getting Annabelle vibes.

I could not stop laughing when I read your comment! SOOO FUNNY!!!

I’m so sad my edit fixing that one photo didn’t make the cut! Hahahaha.

HAHA! I just need to create a whole new social/online presence for MBJ at this point.

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