Yesterday, for the first time in the year and a half that I’ve worked here, I took a half day (I don’t have enough guts to ask for a whole day) so we (me, my sister, her boyfriend, and my son) could go take Daniel to the Museum of Science and Industry. We took the U-Boat tour and the tour guide was great. Oh and the baby chickens, hehe so adorable!

Also, before I had left work yesterday, I met… well I use that term loosely because the woman made no attempt to even say hello to me, the person who is supposed to do MY job on Saturdays. Yeah. My work life is just fantastic. Instead of giving me any sort of a raise (did I mention that I’ve worked here a year and a half with no time off *minus the hospital which obviously wasn’t by choice* and I worked almost every Saturday for 6 months of that time) they would rather hire another person who they seem to be actually training (unlike myself which got zero training). Me? Bitter? My sister is supposed to do my resume for me but I worry how I would even get to and from another job. I have no idea what my tax refund is going to be, I hope it’s at least what it was last year. I need to get a car somehow.

I’m stressed.

I also realised I can’t have a forum because they die. Fast. Very fast.

I guess I just need a hug today, and not a hug from one of the sewer guys who reallllly like to hug me lol.