It’s All Been Done

June 20th 2006 / 4 minutes to read

Did anyone notice it’s been about two weeks since I last wrote?

Blessed summer solstice.

Work has been stressful, what’s new right. Matt visited two weeks ago. We went to the zoo, that was really fun. I am still broke even though I work over 40 hours a week. I am pretty sure I have mono for the third time.

Also, to be honest, I am so tired of dealing with fake people. To watch people I used to be close to, bitch about their so called “friends” to me (before I severed our friendships) in very harsh ways (saying not only awful things about them but their kids as well) and then turn around and act like best buds. It drives me nuts. It’s all I can do to not post the conversasions and emails (I’m an email/IM packrat). I guess it’s that more and more I feel secluded… and surrounded by… well… yeah fake people. Now, it’s true, sometimes, I get pissy with people too, most likely because of parenting styles, but I am not fake about it. I don’t talk crap one moment and suck up the next.

ETA When I said something about fake people, this is exactly what I meant, and to be honest, though I do like you Jenn, you’re doing exactly what they are doing, with the email to me this morning and your public no-comment. Ashley, you don’t even know when “certain things were said” OR what was said about you.

“I wrote this because I am so sick of keeping all of my feelings within because I worry how MY words affect people.”

Lastly (so far!), Amy, I didn’t write this to cause umm your “popularity” to drop or to have people “dislike” you. I wrote this because I am so sick of keeping all of my feelings within because I worry how MY words affect people. I would NEVER talk crap about someone and then suck up to them. It’s the fake act that gets on my last nerve.I guess I just am not good at watching people get emotionally invested and then hurt. Really though, I am not looking to “gain” anything but I have every right to say whatever the hell I want on my personal website. Now, I’m just waiting for Shannon to say her piece because I’m sure this is pissing her off as well.

Aside from containing my anger as much as possible…

My son was using his finger paints and made some faces. My sister had bought him these finger paints (washable thank gods!) awhile ago and he loves them. I would love to get him some more colors though. I also want to get him some better paper and perhaps… yes… glitter to sprinkle on before the paint dries although most likely that is more for my benefit than his. I also want to make a “Rainy Day” box for him, any suggestions?

I got a Vox account, I also have unlimited starter invites and one standard invite left, first come first serve.

I want to learn how to make jam. I also want a blender for smoothies and such. I’ve been eating small amounts of meat again (ok basically just 2 sausage mcgriddles from mcdonalds but STILL it’s meat) so I am looking forward to my sister making her chicken pesto packets which sound amazing.

Thank you Kristina for the cookbooks! I already made the taco salad and dressing recipe last night from the Vegetarian Family book, I might even make it again tonight because it was so delicious!

I don’t have much else to say,I have a ton of emails to respond to this weekend and I’m currently exhausted, so enjoy the photos.

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Lay Your Hands

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Happy Solstice!

I love finger paints, but when I was little I hated getting messy. I guess I was a strange little kid. ^_^

Your pictures are always great. I love the tiger!

Reply to Kasie

Oh please. Just last week I was calling Sarah a slutbucket and nitwit and now we’re sooooo close we’re having each other’s babies.

Right.  :vomit:

Reply to Heather

What in the world are you bringing old issues up about?  If you wanted things severed, then why in the world are you bringing it up?  I mean, what are you hoping to gain other than drama?  Why publicize this?  Seirously, what are you hoping for?  That, omg, I’ll be friend-less and everyone will realize how fake I am?  Honey, there is only one person I talk to on the internet.  There is only one person I truly care about on the internet.  So if you’re hoping I won’t be popular anymore, don’t worry—I never was and I never hoped to be.

Reply to Amy

Oh and Sarah, I have lots of Rainy Day Box ideas. An indoor ‘sandbox’ for example, a good variation on finger paints, some of the crayola color wonder stuff is pretty neat, playsilks, puppets…..

Reply to Heather

I don’t know anything about the whole first part of the post.. so.. I can’t really comment on it. 

But the chicken pesto part caught my attention quickly.  I’ve been cooking my chicken lately with a pesto rub over the top.. and throwing it on the grill.  Yum!

And, as always, the pictures are amazing.  :)

Reply to Ally

What is that delicious looking dish on the bottom row of your photos?

Reply to David

I dont like fake people either, though I think everyone goes though a stage where they are/act “fake” …. could just be me though and my view of humanity.

Vox, that seems like an intersting service. Would you be interested in sharing an invite with me? Vox seems like an idea of a website I was wanting to try and create a few months back, I just dont have the common knowledge for it though. I have downgraded my idea for the website I want to create though.

I have loads of ideas for your rainy day box. Paints (fabric, waterbased, finger etc.) Various brushes (q-tips, small paint rollers, sponges in various shapes etc.) Glue, scissors, glitters, board games (candyland?) Card Games (Uno, Old Maid, etc.) CD’s of various silly music to dance around to, or put on performances. Costumes, Prop Box…. ok I’ll end my list there. I am a early childhood educator, so I have an endless resource box and ideas as I work with children 3-12.

Reply to Aidan

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