It’s Finally Autumn

September 22nd 2021 / 2 minutes to read

I couldn’t be more excited for Autumn! It has always been my favorite season, and my kids and I have already decorated for it. It’s going to rain all week, but the temps will be in the mid-60’s! I can finally have the windows open again! I don’t care if the rain will trigger migraine attacks! So many exclamation points!

It’s also a really hard week, emotionally, mentally, in my life overall. I wish I could write the way I used to, share everything fully, but I no longer can do that for a variety of reasons. Also, I worry about what I’ll have to deal with if I share anything besides surface level stuff.

So, onto the surface level stuff.

The garden is pretty much spent. My oldest son helped me plant some things for a fall garden like lettuce, broccoli, lettuces, and such but the squirrels have lost their damn minds and keep rolling around in my boxes and grow bags. I have no idea what we will need to replant until things start sprouting.

I’ve been cooking and freezing a ton of homemade soups lately, like my garden tomato and a potato broccoli, using all the produce from my garden. I use Souper Cubes to freeze my soups because it helps with portioning and storage. Like little yummy bricks! Do you have a favorite soup/chili/stew recipe? If so, please share it with me, as I am always looking for inspiration! Even better if I can do it in my Instant Pot!

For the first time in over 16 years, I’ve not been getting my Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. I swear they changed the pumpkin sauce! It tastes wrong to me. Like potpourri. I’ve tried it hot, cold, in a pumpkin cream cold brew, fewer pumps… it tastes awful.

Lastly, Apple just released iOS15 and since it’s now autumn, I decided to autumn-ize my phone. Did it take forever? Yes. Do I do it for every season? Also, yes.

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