Journal: End Of Year

December 30th 2021 / 2 minutes to read

I did this journal prompt last year and thought I’d do it again.

2021 Reflections

What challenges did you face? So many painful challenges. I am still facing them up to the last moment of this year.
What lessons did you learn? I learned that I can’t control life and death. I desperately need a therapist because I am incapable of grieving and processing like I need to.
How did you grow? I don’t know that I have.
How did your heart break? My heart shattered. I almost lost my father. This year, hell, the last few months have been excruciating.
How did your heart open? I am always getting closer to my sons. Watching them grow up is the best thing ever.
What do you want to remember? Anything before the second week of October. Everything after that is painful.
What do you want to celebrate? Not much, honestly.

2022 Intentions

How do you want to approach 2022? Continuing to work on my health. I got a lot of answers this year and positive progress. I still need to find a neurologist, though.
What qualities do you want to cultivate? To not let so much get to me. To be more organized and productive with my time.
What do you want to let go of? Fear. Shame. Guilt. Sadness. Grief.
How do you want to grow? I don’t know yet…
How do you want to take care of yourself? To work on my health, find a neurologist, and work around the fatigue I have to deal with all the time. I want to read more books.
How will you commit to yourself? I have no idea.
Where will you pour your attention? Into my kids and health.
What habits or practices nourish you? I’m not sure… I want to get back to blogging, even if it’s dumb little posts.

Well, that’s my 2021 end-of-the-year journal review. If you have a blog, I recommend you participate in this prompt as it’s good sometimes to reflect on what you’ve been through and any hopes for the future year.

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sarah, I understand completely the issues you are facing. Be comforted that your mother is still alive. I probably live too much in the past. But I find comfort in it.Time slips away .. I wish I could send you a glistening angel to protect you from all the heartaches. Treasure your beautiful soul and how deeply you feel things. when you were little I called you babysarah or sarahkins. There is a sweetness about you.I am so gratefull for you. love glenda/mom

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