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June 24th 2004 / 2 minutes to read

Here is the beautiful and amazing homemade card Gina sent me and a pic of the incense (it’s the stick incense in my homemade incense holder lol) she enclosed!! Ah I just adore her!!



I have ONE Gmail invite left!!

Matt and Daniel are napping, I am bored and sort of out of it. I have a lot that needs to be done, mostly online, but not sure where to start.

It’s a nice day today, a bit chilly, but nice.

I updated millions of things yesterday for Pagan@OSN although there are still a billion of things on my to-do / snippets list for it lol.

I was on the phone for over 2 hours last night with Kelly, very cool chick! Always fun to talk to online people on the phone!

My sister told me we are going to Summerfest, July 2nd to see Trapt. I’ve never been to a concert before so this should be a new experiance, I will drag my camera along, hopefully I can get some pictures!

My sister is moving out the first week of July, I wish we could hang out at the lake or something… it’s just something I feel so strongly about but ehh, not sure if she would want to take us. I just… grrr don’t know how to explain it, but I feel really strongly about going to the lake. Go figure right.

Hmmm what else…. well some of you I’m sure saw all the tons of photos in my photolog…

I want to re-do the layout of our bedroom, to maximize space, but it’s hard because the bed can only go pretty much against one wall… just grrr fustrating.

I have some sites I want to add to my blogroll, all in due time lol.

Ok, I can’t think of anything else at the moment, at least anything that is semi-coherant!

Is it so wrong that I now stare at knitting sites? As in touching the computer monitor going…. if only… that would be me… knitting. Yes I have issues!

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Honey, you’ll love Summerfest but it’s not really ONE concert its like 15 all built into one with food and fun and the LAKE. It’s not cheap though.
… you will have time with your sister at the lake because the grounds are RIGHT on the lake. You can lunch on the rocks and listen to the music.

Camera’s aren’t a good idea, if they see it they may just take it although they are sometimes lax about that you never know. 

Trapt is on the Mt. Dew Rock stage so it’s free (The only stage you pay extra for is the main stage act) and begins at 10:00 PM but I might suggest if you want to get toward the front you get there early 8 or 9ish because the stages sometimes attract huge crowds that run into one another from one stage to another.

You’re commin to my stompin grounds girl. Summerfest is where I’d be spending the next ten days if I didn’t have this party to attend!  This year I have only a 3 day pass and am not certain which days I’ll be going. Need to check the lineups but I swear you’ll have a ton of fun.  Bring a jacket the lake gets cool at night! Here’s a link to the main site if you want the details of what you can and can’t bring in and some info about it.  Enjoy!! and let me know how you like it.

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