I am so beyond cold right now. I had turned on the heat in here yesterday but my boss had turned it off and I haven’t gotten the jackets from my sister yet.

I am really cold. Heather knows this because I keep telling her ohhh every 5 seconds.

I am excited because tonight are the season premieres of The Biggest Loser and America’s Next Top Model.

I am haha doing a lot of “I am” statements.

I totally have issues today. See… it’s the cold.

Any suggestions for a warm dinner for tonight involving chicken breasts that isn’t chicken soup?

Mabon, or the Autumn Equinox is this upcoming Saturday, I am leaning towards apple/pumpkin picking, baking bread, some sort of beef stew with roasted veggies… not sure what I could do to make it more… spiritual for Daniel if that’s possible at his age?

Ugh I really am cold! I need someone to think warm naughty thoughts because umm COLD!


I updated my myspace and posted a bit on vibrant. Right now I am looking at my bank account to see if I have any extra money to drive anywhere today because although it’s cold, it is so pretty right now that I want to take Danny out and take some photos.

Thinking about the chicken ordeal, perhaps squash? I have some butternut and acorn squash I could roast… oh how I wish I had an immersion blender for creamy soup! Or a griddle (my skillet SUCKS for pancakes) for pumpkin pancakes!

Also, where is everyone? I never see anyone online anymore or updating blogs or uhh anything. I shall now quote some Justin Timberlake lyrics, is anybody out there?

Oh and before I forget, I purged the members that haven’t been logged in since July or before (or never logged in at all), if you were one of those members, feel free to register again!

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