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Crys posted about our pact!

Whichever one of us wins the lottery or gets enough money saved up first, is going to buy a huge piece of land in Pennsylvania, build the Practical Magic house, build several lodges for other pagan moms who are in financial difficulty, and create a pagan commune consisting of mostly women, and we’ll all dress up in togas with flowers in our hair, grow lots of herbs, worship nature, and raise our children pagan.

I had a huge headache most of the morning, but I eventually ate something and now I feel much better. Just put some diapers into the washer. Oh, today chubs had his first bite of egg. I really wasn’t sure if I felt ready to give it to him, but there isn’t any other protein in his diet, other than what he gets through my breastmilk. He seemed to really like it.

I am slowly making a huge link section as part of OSN.

Sometimes I just want to force people to try out the music I enjoy. Right now my main obsessions are covers of songs heh, Ryan Tedder (Thanks Robyn!), Shawn Desman, Maynard just in general, plus a million more heh.

I am so rambly right now! For some odd reason I am just so damn perky right now. In this instant I am very happy. I feel like my life can only get better. I looked in the mirror this morning and SMILED at myself (woah I have two dimples? When did that happen?) so yeah, go Sarah today! I am hoping this feeling lasts.

Thank you Barb for the lovely card! It made me feel all glowy yesterday! Elisa, seriously, you amuse me. She and I talked last night, and she is just so cool!

I am planning on writing all of my hostlets this week. So if I have your address expect a letter, if I don’t have your address, email it to me if you want some real mail fun!

What is with my son and Q-tips?? Anyone have any advice for a baby’s first pair of shoes? He walks so I want something he can walk outside with, but will let him still walk properly haha.

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posted on May 28th 2003 at 7:14PM CDT

That Walk Away the Pounds thing is useless :/ My mom bought it and her and I did it together for nearly three months. Nothing happened. At all. Granted, you are supposed to eat the “perfect diet” while you do it and I wasnt, but I dont eat that badly, and it still didnt do anything at all. :/ So I wouldnt waste my money, if I were you.
And that pact sounds awesome to me :D

posted on May 29th 2003 at 5:55AM CDT

for daniels first shoes i would suggest a gym shoe that has a flexible bottom but, not so, flexible that you could bend the shoe completely in half. there needs to be some support. natural materials would be good for ventalation too. and if you want to make him feel like a big boy you could think about velcro tops and show him how to fasten his shoes. and i can totally picture him with his litte velcro shoes just making that velcro ripping sound alot. and i know he’ll have fun throwing his shoes at you! he’s such a cute baby.

posted on May 29th 2003 at 5:56PM CDT

The pact sounds awesome.  It is a wonderful idea.

It is great to hear that you are feeling happy.  Aw, his first pair of shoes.  That is so sweet!  He is really growing up.  I have no idea about baby shoes though.

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